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BitiCodes: Most Impressive Features

We've embedded some impressive features into the design of BitiCodes to make sure you have the best experience when trading on the cryptocurrency market. These features will enhance your trading journey and contribute to building your financial portfolio as quickly as possible. We've listed the features below and explained each of them.

  • We've partnered with CySEC licensed brokers to make sure you have the necessary support while trading and to make sure that your account is managed by professionals, who are accountable and transparent.
  • There are no license costs to pay with Biticodes. You only need to pay your minimal deposit to get started. While you're trading, the robot licensing will not expire. Your deposit ensures that your account remains open.
  • To trade on the cryptocurrency market, you need a tool that is fast and efficient, especially since the market tends to be extremely volatile. BitiCodes is way ahead of its time. Our trading software can enter and exit the market within 0.01 milliseconds.
  • BitiCodes iplex was designed for new traders who have little or no formal trading experience. You don't need to be concerned about finding your way around the software. With our technology, you'll be able to easily get started after registration.
  • You can leverage trade with BitiCodes iplex, which means you can open a position that is significantly larger than your available funds. This capital can be borrowed at a 5000:1 ratio from your broker.
  • Now you can trade many currency pairs at once - each bringing a wealth of opportunity from price movements. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other exotic coins and pairs are available for trading.
  • BTC iPlex Pro has a dedicated customer care department that will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. The customer service department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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If you're interested in becoming one of our successful users, you've come to the right place. Congratulations on choosing Biticodes to assist you in making the most of your trading experience.

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What is BTC iPlex Pro Ai?

BitiCodes is a trading software specifically designed for cryptocurrency trading. Our software is fully automated and is powered by artificial intelligence and an intuitive algorithm that is able to scan the markets, extract valuable data, and make trading decisions on behalf of the user. Biti Codes is ideal for new users with little to no real trading experience. The platform does everything on behalf of the user. All you need to do is make sure you monitor your account for at least 20 minutes a day. The main idea behind the BTC iPlex Pro Ai software is to tell you which bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to buy, hold, or sell. The software automatically follows trends in the cryptocurrency market without any manual input from you.

How Does BitiCodes Work?

BTC iPlex Ai Pro is very user-friendly and we have no doubt that you will find your way around the platform with ease. The platform runs on a browser, so you won’t need to download any apps yet. All you need to do is make sure you have an active internet connection, and you will be able to access your account from anywhere in the world. The platform follows an algorithm that identifies trading signals and even the slightest changes in the market. These are then used to make profitable trading decisions. You have the opportunity to customise your trading settings. This is done for your own protection. You can personalise these settings as you see fit, or allow your account manager to guide you through the process.

Making the Most of BTC iPlex Ai Pro

While BitiCodes has proven a successful trading tool for both new and experienced traders, it works best when used optimally by the user. Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of the Biti Codes trading software:

  • Start small, and make only the minimum deposit of €250.
  • Be sure to withdraw your profits regularly.
  • Re-invest profits and only risk money you can afford to lose.

Potential Benefits of Biticodes

Low maintenance 

BTC Pro iPlex Ai is an ideal option for a user looking to use a trading tool that saves them time while making a passive income in the cryptocurrency market. With Biticodes, your input can be minimal since the trading technology performs trades for you. All you have to do is access your account for 20 minutes a day.


Because the cryptocurrency market is known for its volatility, you need a trading technology that is able to enter and exit the markets in record time. BTC Pro iPlex Ai is able to analyse large sets of data in less than one millisecond. You don’t have to worry about spending large amounts of time doing research, the technology does this at a much faster pace.

Stable Profitability

Being consistent is essential in the cryptocurrency market since, unlike other financial markets, it is open 24 hours a day. It can be accessed at any time of day or night. As a result, you’ll need a trading system that’s always hunting for the best transactions. By entrusting Biticodes with this, you can sit back and relax while the automatic trader takes care of the rest, allowing you to maintain consistency with minimal effort.

No Trading Experience Needed

A great feature of Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro is its beginner-friendly nature. You need no prior experience to open an account with our technology. The trading technology and automated trading system make it easy to trade the cryptocurrency markets.

How to Register Your BitiCodes Account

We have made sure that the Biti Codes AI registration process is seamless. You do not have to complete lengthy forms or submit tons of documentation. All you need to do is make sure you complete the three steps to registration which we will outline below.

🪪 Register
When registering, all you need to do is complete a form with your basic information. You do not need a long list of documents or to fill out lengthy forms. In fact, you can complete the form below and wait for a dedicated account manager to contact you shortly after.
👛 Fund Your Account
Registering with BitiCodes iplex is FREE. All you need to do is fund your account with a minimum deposit of €250. This deposit will be used to place your first trades. We do recommend that all new users make a minimum deposit first. You can always reinvest at a later stage or after you receive your first profit.
📈 Live Trade
The more experienced user may opt to jump straight into live-trading. There is nothing wrong with that. All you need to make sure of is that you have configured your account settings to minimize your risk of huge losses. This includes setting a stop-loss limit and deciding when you will open and close trades This usually happens at the beginning, with the help of your account manager.

What Our Users Love

Hear what our community of happy investors had to say about BitiCodes

Dennis R.
Joined on: Aug 05, 2022

Keeps working

"I very often got into a strop trading and lose my money because of this. Thanks to BitiCodes I do not lose control of my emotions. It is very easy to enter and withdraw money too"
Božidar M.
Joined on: Aug 03, 2022

Focuses on profits

"a wonderful innovation - BitiCodes software suits me by the fact that the work takes place 24 hours a day, thereby increasing the profit. And for me, this is the most important thing."
Asger A.
Joined on: Aug 03, 2022

Saves time and commisions

"So far, I haven't found a better tool than BitiCodes. This tool allows you to enter the plus and increase the number of transactions. It is also a big commsion saver."
Clint B.
Joined on: Jul 26, 2022


"Few of the best things about BitiCodes > The function of suspending operation at high market volatility, allows the bot to adequately respond to the current price and execute orders in accordance with risk level. In addition, the bot itself takes into account the commissions so I'm never left short. Top stuff"

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The innovative BTC iPlex Pro Ai technology is gaining popularity around the world due to its steady profitability. BitiCodes users are able to expand the size of their financial portfolios in a short period of time with the help of this cutting-edge technology. Simply fill out the registration form below to get started with BitiCodes.

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We know that trading on the crypto market for the very first time may make you anxious, but we can assure you that you're in good hands. To calm some of your fears, we decided to answer some of your most frequently asked questions below.

Is Bitcoin iPlex Ai Pro Legit?
Biticodes is a genuine trading tool that manages transactions and regulates accounts through CySEC-licensed brokers.This trading tool also uses an SSL certificate to protect your account from getting hacked, and to encrypt your personal information.
Can I leverage Trade With BitiCodes?
Biti Codes allows for leverage trading, which is when a trader opens a position that is significantly larger than their funds. This capital can be borrowed at a 5000:1 ratio from your broker. Before continuing, it is recommended that you obtain additional knowledge about leverage trading.
Can I Make a Profit With Biti Codes AI?
Yes, your chances of making a profit with BTC iPlex Pro is very high.
Are There Hidden Fees?
No. BitiCodes is very clear and transparent. There are no hidden fees. All you need to do is make sure you have a deposit of 250 EUR

BitiCodes Highlights

🌍 Countries Globally Available (Except USA)
✊ Withdrawal Fee No Fees
💸 Withdrawal Time Same Day
💰 Deposit Fee Free
💳 Deposit Methods Visa, Mastercard, Amex , Cryptocurrency, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Yandex, Skrill, Neteller
🤖 Trading Types Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, ETFs, Index
🖥️ Operating Systems iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux
💻 Platform Availability Android App, iOS App, Windows App, Web App
🤑 Registration Cost Free
👨‍💼 Features Personal Account Manager, Same Day Withdrawal, Free Registration, 24/7 Customer Support
👩‍💼 Support Personal Account Manager, 24/7 Support